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Delphis Creative Marketing Agency is a local digital marketing agency with the look and feel of a big box digital marketing agency.

About Jason & Shannon Faulkner

As small business leaders, we know your time and resources are valuable. 

As a small business we understand your digital/online presence is your road to growing your business and depending what signs you use will determine how much business you will have. At Delphis Creative we work with businesses to help them create a plan to manage their marketing budget however big or small and/also provide digital marketing tools to help them see the impact of their marketing dollars. We have a Basic Digital Tool Box where our clients manage their website and just need help to monitor their digital footprint and online reputation management. Most of our clients subscribe to our full Delphis Digital Tool Box which includes all the same amazing tools in our basic toolbox as well as a 5-page website, our marketing automatation which includes a responsive CRM, dynamic email marketing and integrated social media marketing management systems. We are known for the consistent and very effective strategic marketing campaigns and marketing plans we create, also for our Foundational SEO Services like our SEO Dashboard and Local Search Audit. Want to find out if Delphis Creative Marketing is a good fit for your company’s marketing team? 

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Jason and Shannon started Delphis Creative in September of 2011 as a way to help small business owners plan out and achieve their dreams. Newly married with six daughters between the two of them to raise, they had a dream and need of their own that has translated into an amazing online digital marketing business.  

Shannon Faulkner has been working with small businesses for over 14 years. First as a health insurance broker with her own brokerage and currently as the CEO of Delphis Creative Marketing Agency. Shannon has a passion for creating strategic marketing plans tailored to meet the needs of small businesses. Shannon's plans have generated thousands of dollars of new revenue and new customers or clients for the companies that she works with. 


Jason Faulkner is the CMO of Delphis Creative Marketing Agency and is an amazing online digital specialist and essentially our SEO Guru.  He spent the last 11years studying and working in SEO. He specializes in strenghtening foundational SEO so that your digital advertising has a greater impact. Jason considerd himself a SEO Search Analyst, SEO Pothole Fixer and SEO Road Paver and bringer of more search traffic online for our clients.  

Together Jason and Shannon have been chosen to represent some pretty amazing local and national companies. They have been asked to speak all around the Puget Sound and nationally to small business owners helping them negotiate the rapidly-changing world of Digital Marketing, Marketing Automations, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Campaign planning and strategies.

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