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SEO increases organic growth... keeping paid advertising affordable.
SEO is more important than ever before. 

Search engines are PACKED with websites and more are added every hour of every day. Billions of websites compete for the same rankings making it imperative for search engines to consistently change their algorithms.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way to improve websites so that they will be found closer to the top in the search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo or other search engines. 

Quality content, relevant keywords, and website structure are 3 of the simplest things you can do to boost your SEO. 

In the past SEO involved "keyword stuffing" this practice now has devastating results in current search engine algorithms. Quality content is full of well research keywords relevant to the structured content represented on your website. Relevant and consistent content generates higher search rankings.

Local & organic SEO also helps power your paid advertising. 

There are many parts to SEO, how do you keep track of it all? A good SEO dashboard will be able to show you how everything is working from search rankings to analytics, citations to your Google My Business profile, reviews and reputation management to full-on SEO audits.

What can the Delphis SEO Dashboard do for your company?

Just knowing what your business looks like online can directly affect how your content converts a suspect to a  prospect to a client/customer. An SEO monitoring dashboard measures the quality of your content, links, listings, keywords, and analytics.  Schedule a FREE consultation to learn more ($225 value)

Track Local Search Rankings.

With our dashboard, you will be able to track keywords, keyword phrases, and long-tail keywords, see a detailed breakdown of your organic, mobile and map search rankings. You will have the ability to track traffic to your website and compare your rankings to your top competitors. You will be able to view trends between multiple locations as well as quickly compare your mobile vs desktop rankings. It's invaluable to know how your content on your website is performing with local search ranking you will be able to see what content is performing well and what content is not with that knowledge you can then begin to replace poor performing content with new content.  your content or connect to a database.

Audit Your Google My Business Page

We will review your Google My Business profile to ensure your business details are up to date and verified. We can also add images, evaluate your search terms, phrases, Google Maps, Google Local Pack and compare your company to your competitors. We report on the most important local ranking signals within Google My Business, including categories, citations, links, domain authority, review count, star rating, local phone & address usage, and if a profile is verified. We aggregate all categories used by the top-ranked businesses and display the ‘Top 5’ so you can spot new categories to boost your visibility. The ‘Citation Matrix’ displays your citations side by side with your competitors’. You can see where they’re listed and you’re not, making it easy to spot new citation opportunities.

Monitor Your On-Line Reviews

Reviews can make or break a business. With the Delphis Dashboard, you will be able to monitor your reviews across 20 sites including Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Tripadvisor & Foursquare. We alert you to new reviews and give you a detailed breakdown so that you can see your reviews by site, by star rating and growth over time.  Review monitoring and lead generation is the future, how many times do you just choose a restaurant to go eat at without looking at there rating and reviews? You wouldn't! It is becoming the norm for business online today. Your reviews are really important and can be worth your money and your time.

Clean-up Local Listings and Build Citations 

Don't be caught with listing errors! Part of our services includes manually fixing and building new local listings. We have access to over 1400 sites and use trusted software and vendor partners to help us! We also submit changes to all the major data aggregators in the US and Factual worldwide. Local listings or in other words directories and listings are crucial to an increased search ranking online. It's your business information and everywhere it's listed can really increase your online searchability, but it all needs to be correct, your information that is! That's what it means to clean up your local listing. If you have a lot of errors you are most likely to lose money. Call for a digital review of your business today.

SEO Sales and Audit Reports

Knowing where you are at in your Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) can help you to make sure your efforts are working. You will also receive valuable information to help you convert more customers with our easy to read SEO sales reports. You will receive quarterly reports on your dashboard to keep you up to date with how your company website is ranking online. Here it's all about tracking and recording your efforts. When something doesn't work you don't want to continue doing it!! But when something does work you want to do more of that. Also, analyze why it worked. This report gives detailed information on your business, on-site SEO, off-site SEO, meta tags, meta descriptions and everything else in between.