Jason & Shannon Faulkner

As a small business leader, we know your time and resources are valuable.

At Delphis Creative we work with businesses to help them create a plan to manage their online marketing budget however big or small and/also provide tools to help them see the impact of their marketing dollars. Want to find out if Delphis Creative Marketing Solutions is a good fit for your company’s marketing team?

Shannon Faulkner

CEO/Marketing Coach

Shannon Faulkner has been working with small businesses for over 14 years. First as a health insurance broker with her own small brokerage and currently as the CEO of Delphis Creative. Shannon has a passion for creating strategic plans tailored to fit the needs of small businesses. Shannon's plans have generated thousands of dollars of new revenue and new customers or clients for the companies that she works with.

Jason Faulkner

CDO/ SEO Specialist

Jason Faulkner is the CDO of Delphis Creative and is an amazing online digital specialist and essentially our SEO Guru.  He spends long hours working to not only bring new opportunities to local small businesses by sharing the services that Delphis Creative offers, but also to bring more clarity online for Delphis Creative's clients.  

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