Marketing Workshops

Work the plan and then plan the work ~Vincent Norman Peale

marketing workshops

Improve your digital marketing skills, focus on engaging your target audience, obtaining and retaining new customers. Learn to use digital marketing tools and software to monitor how your email and social media are performing, track, and maintain your analytics and SEO. Learn how to grow and manage your database by maximizing user engagement. Our Marketing for Success Plan Workshop is online ("at your own pace") and designed with small businesses in mind. This workshop is FREE with a Delphis Connect Membership and only available to our members. Each member that participates in the workshop will also get a FREE 30 min one to one marketing strategy session too! If you are interested, please sign up and you can get started planning for your success. 

Marketing for Success workshop


8 DIY Sessions include: 

Session 1: The Foundation

In this session, you will be building the foundation of your marketing plan. We will create an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY where you will lay out the basics about your company and your revenue goals. Next, we will create your COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT, TAGLINE, & 30 SEC-COMMERCIAL.

Session 2: The target audience

In session 2 we will be analyzing your TARGET CUSTOMER by creating your own COMPANY FLYWHEEL, building on your company's mission statement from lesson one to create a COMPANY PURPOSE. We will then be learning how to construct a BUYER'S PERSONA for both ACTIVE and PASSIVE BUYERS and finishing up with developing your BUYER'S JOURNEY.

Session 3: The competition

We will review your current competitors based on criteria that you will create using the data that you will collect in your CONSUMER ANALYSIS  and your INDUSTRY ANALYSIS. After we collect all the information, we will compare your company with that of your competitors to see how much work we need to do to get you up to speed online. We will complete a BRAND ANALYSIS on your company complete with a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), as well as write your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Session 4: The connection

This session helps us to get ready for the next class you will take CREATING A DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY.  You will set SMART GOALS, learn why you need to change your strategy from a FUNNEL to a FLYWHEEL methodology, and we will begin getting you ready for the next class by developing an ONLINE- JOURNEY BASED ADVERTISING Plan.

Session 5: The plan

THE PLAN- This session brings everything together into your ANNUAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN. We will set your goals, choose your marketing channels based on your budget and work through the strategy into your QTRLY CAMPAIGN PLAYBOOKS.

Session 6: The work

The system session takes the completed plan and puts FEET on it. Members who choose the Ultimate Toolbox Subscription should have all the tools set up and understand how to use them by this point. We will do all the setup for those who have subscribed (see the DIGITAL TOOLBOX SUBSCRIPTION page). Those who have NOT yet subscribed will have the chance to set up their own tools if they have been following along in the Ultimate Digital Toolbox Forum.

Workshop Deliverables 
  • Marketing for Success Plan: a final digital copy of your custom plan is provided. 

  • Tactical Plan: includes your target audience profile, an annual channel budget, and a written annual campaign outline. 

  • Marketing Playbook: 4 quarterly campaign playbooks. 

  • OPTIONAL: 8 online coaching one-to-one sessions (45 min each). 

  • OPTIONAL: Power Pod mastermind group (weekly sessions for 12 members)

Session 7: The system

In this session, you will learn WHAT to do with the plan you have built and the TOOLS you have added to your Digital Toolbox. You will learn about Facebook Ads, Digital Ads, BASIC SEO, and other WORK that you can do to bring you the success that you desire and have spent so many hours putting together.

Session 8: The results

 In this session, you will learn how to track your results and read your reports. This is an important part of your system. Without knowing if the plan, the system, and the work is producing, you can waste money, resources, and time. You can also go the opposite direction, not spend ENOUGH money, resources, or time to achieve the goals that you desire

OPTIONAL- Session 9-12: The Launch

Never launch alone! Join one of our POWER POD GROUPS and work with other business owners to launch your marketing plan. Our POWER POD members have their choice of a TUESDAY or THURSDAY group strategy session as well as UNLIMITED email access to our consultants while they are participating in a group.  All of our groups are based on the MARKETING FOR SUCCESS system and all the participants MUST have completed the class to enroll. It is your NEXT STEP to success.