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Marketing for Success Workshop

Create a marketing for success plan that works!

The Delphis Creative Marketing for Success Plan

About this workshop series


Let's face it, no matter how long you have been in business, everyone needs a marketing plan. New business owners, soloprenuers, entrepreneuers... everyone needs a place to begin their marketing journey. Small business owners and entreprenuers who have been working to build their industry awhile often need to bring things back to the basics... to move their businesses to the next level. No matter where you are, the Delphis Creative Marketing for Success plan will help you create a custom plan that works! 



  • Marketing for Success Plan: a final digital copy of your custom plan is provided. 

  • Tacticle Plan: includes your target audience profile, a annual channel budget and a written project outline. 

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions: 8 online one to one 60 minute coaching sessions. 

  • Marketing Projects: 4 quarterly custom marketing projects. 

8 Weekly (at your own pace) Marketing for Success Sessions Include:


Session 1: The Foundation

In the first session we will learn about who you are, who your current clients/customers are, what tools you are using, what is working and what needs some attention.

Session 2: The Who & The What

In the second session, we will concentrate on who your target audience is, your materials or tools, and how you currently monitor your success. We will review more closely your marketing materials and how you are utilizing your tools.

Session 3: The Where

In session 3 we will be looking at your industry and your competition. We will be using the 4 P’s of marketing to analyze and evaluate your competition. We will create a unique template and input our data from the first two sessions to see where you are at with regards to your industry standards and competition.

Session 4: The How

Session four is all about how to reach your target audience based on our evaluation and understanding gathered from the prior 3 sessions. We will be looking at your internal marketing (your team) and making plans for your success in this area.

Session 5: The Connection

In session five we will complete your project outlines and begin planning the work and your budget. In this session, we begin looking at your production and time management style. 

Session 6: The Work

In session six we will begin the work we planned in session 1-5. We will be implementing tools and systems designed to monitor the success of your marketing projects and campaigns.

Session 7: The Results

We will evaluate the results from your Delphis SEO Dashboard and your marketing efforts to make sure that your systems are working. Here is where we can tweak things to fit your lifestyle and revenue needs.

Session 8: The System

You will learn how to use all the tools in the Ultimate Toolbox and how to use them to maximize your marketing plan's effectiveness.