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Hubspot CRM...more than just a contact management system.

hubspot crm and inbound marketing system

You have a lot to deal with if you are a business owner. The last thing you should have to worry about is your contact relationship management system (CRM). We understand this and that is why we have partnered with Hubspot to offer their superior marketing, sales and customer service hub to all of our clients. Anyone who subscribes to our Ulitmate Digital Toolbox gets a basic subscription, and for a nominal fee, can upgrade to the growth starter plan. The difference between subscribing on your own and subscribing with our digital toolbox, is that we help set the system up for you!

Think CRM software is just about contact management? Think again. HubSpot CRM has free tools for everyone on your team, and it’s 100% free — forever. Here’s how the free HubSpot CRM makes your job easier ...

Contact Database Management

Get notified when your prospects & clients open their email.

Hubspot easily integrates with Gsuite and Outlook. You will receive notifications when anyone in your contact database opens an email or clicks on a link. You can connect more quickly allowing for more opportunities to answer important questions and close more sales.

Features you will love: 
  • Email tracking & notifications

  • Email templates & scheduling

  • Gmail & Outlook integration

  • Meeting scheduling

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Email Marketing System

Send out scheduled email marketing campaigns.

Easy to use email marketing system that can convert leads to prospects to customers/ clients. Each record is monitored and tracked in their individual records as well in Hubspot's easy to read reports. No more "zapping" or double entering data, each record is automatically updated to reflect their level of engagement.

Features you will love: 
  • Email marketing

  • Forms

  • Deals

  • Reporting dashboard

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Email Templates & Forms

Increase your response time with our email templates and customized forms.

With Hubspot's templates and forms, you can create branded content that your team can use to send out in response to standard marketing & sales questions or customer service issues. You can monitor the response times and results in your customized team dashboards.

Features you will love: 
  • Ticketing

  • Email templates

  • Tickets closed reports

  • Customizable forms

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Sales Pipeline & Lead Management

Get notified when your prospects & clients open their email.

If you are using an excel spreadsheet to manage your sales deals, you could be losing deals in the "cracks". You can organize and sort your sales leads and deals into your own pipeline. Then create & schedule tasks to calls, emails, meetings & notes. No more leaving money on the table!

Features you will love: 
  • Contact management

  • Deals & tasks

  • Company insights

  • Pipeline management


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