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Ecommerce Marketing

Increase your traffic, conversions and online sales with a strategic ecommerce marketing plan. 

What is an ecommerce marketing strategy? 

A solid and strategic ecommerce plan can help you convert more of your website traffic into paying customers. 

Ecommerce stratgies include both on and off site product promotion strategies. When you have a clear and concise plan, you can build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and increase your online sales.

Some strategies that are adventageous in a strategic ecommerce plan are onsite and local SEO (search engine optomization), Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, upselling your products to existing customers with a email marketing drip campaign, optomizing product pages and creating rewards programs for existing customers. There are more strategies, and a full review of your current content, organic and paid strategy plan is a necessary step in building a successful ecommerce marketing strategy. 

At Delphis Creative, our digital marketing consultants can either help support YOU building your own ecommerce strategy or can build one for you as part of our 90 days to marketing for Success Plan. 

Do you have a product or an online store that is not getting the traffic you need to stay open? Do you just need more results from your PAID ads or ORGANIC growth?   Contact us for a discovery meeting and let's see what we can do!

Online Workshops 

Do you have a WRITTEN marketing plan for success? Time to get one. Join our DIY 90 Days to Marketing for Success today. 

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