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Digital Marketing Plan

Build a digital marketing strategy and road map to your business's online success. 

Why should you create a digital marketing plan?

Creating a clearly defined digital marketing plan will help you uncover marketing opportunities and increase your revenue. 

When you market your brand without a plan, you run the risk of losing money, wasting time and missing out on effective marketing opportunities. Our marketing plans cover the 7 p's of marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Packaging, and Positioning. These 7 elements will help us help you to acheive the most success in todays market.  

Today the digital world is always changing with marketing automations and search engine marketing. What was a successful plan a year ago will not work today and what another business owner is doing is not always the best choice for yours. We design strategic digital marketing plans specific to your business needs. It is time to take your digital marketing to the next level. It is time to hire our company to help you create a digital marketing strategy that converts. 

A business person drawing digital marketing strategies on a glass whiteboard -Digital Marketing Plan
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90 Days to Marketing For Success

Our 90 Days to Marketing for Success can be completed either in a DIY format, one to one coaching or in the all in one consulting system. The strategy is the same of all three options, the option you chose will depend on your budget and time constraints. Here are the differences: 

Do it Yourself (DIY): 

Our DIY Marketing Strategy class allows for you to complete all the sessions on your own. This is especially helpful to start up businesses, solo-preneuers or small business owners that are on a budget. It is important to note that those who take our class DIY need to have good computer skills and understand how to set up and use computer software programs. 

One to One Coaching: 

Our One to One coaching system is for small to medium business owners that want to have help navigating the sessions and software, but would like to create their plan on their own. This option includes the class and a 90 day once a week coaching session. 

All in One Consulting System:

Our Consulting System is for for business with a larger budget that would like a more customized plan written by one of our highly skilled marketing consultants. Our All In One Consulting System includes the marketing strategy plan, an annual project outline, 4 quarterly playbooks, weekly sessions as the plan is being built and then a monthly strategy session to help keep things "on track" 

Session 1: The Foundation

Mission Statement, Tagline & 30-Sec Commercial

In this session, you will be building the foundation of your marketing plan. We will create an EXECUTIVE SUMMARY where you will lay out the basics about your company and your revenue goals. Next, we will create your COMPANY MISSION STATEMENT, TAGLINE, & 30 SEC-COMMERCIAL

Session 2: The Target Audience

Target Customer, Company Flywheel, Company Purpose, Ideal Customer Profile & Buyer's Persona (Active & Passive Buyers)

In session 2 we will be analyzing your TARGET CUSTOMER by creating your own COMPANY FLYWHEEL, building on your company's mission statement from lesson one to create a COMPANY PURPOSE. We will then be learning how to construct an IDEAL CUSTOMER PROFILE with BUYER PERSONA for both ACTIVE and PASSIVE BUYERS and finishing up with developing your BUYER'S JOURNEY.

Session 3: The Brand Analysis

Brand Analysis, SWOT, Marketing Mix, Unique Competitive Advantage

We will EVALUATE your BRAND by performing a BRAND ANALYSIS. We will use the data and information collected in sessions 1 & 2 to a BRAND ANALYSIS on your company. We will complete a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), understand your MARKETING MIX (4P's) review your current KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) as well as write your UNIQUE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for your company. Next, we will compare your company with that of your competitors to see how much work we need to do to get you up to speed online. Then based on criteria that are collected, you will learn to DEFINE, SEGMENT, AND TRACK your competition. The goal... to bring you success online.

Session 4: The Connection

SMART Goals, Team & Time Management

This session helps us to get ready for the next class you will make the connection between your business and your life. You will set SMART GOALS, create room for growth and evaluate your TEAM and your TIME MANAGEMENT. The end result... to build a strategy that connects your business and converts.

Session 5: The System

Digital Toolbox Set Up & Annual Campaign Outline

In this session, you will learn what to do the TOOLS you have learned about in Sessions 1-4. You will get an overview about how to use Facebook Ads, Digital Ads, BASIC SEO, and other CHANNELS that you help you to create your ANNUAL CAMPAIGN OUTLINE. This will help you to utilize the best tools, channels, and strategies to help to bring you the success you desire online.

Session 6: The Plan

Goal Setting, Marketing Channels & Quarterly Playbooks

THE PLAN- This session brings everything together into your ANNUAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN. We will set your goals, choose your marketing channels based on your budget and work through the strategy into your QTRLY CAMPAIGN PLAYBOOKS.

Session 7: The Work

Content Planning & Creation & Digital Marketing Deployment

The system session takes the completed plan and puts FEET on it. Members who choose the Ultimate Toolbox Subscription should have all the tools set up and understand how to use them by this point. We will do all the setup for those who have subscribed (see the DIGITAL TOOLBOX SUBSCRIPTION page). Those who have NOT yet subscribed will have the chance to set up their own tools if they have been following along in the Ultimate Digital Toolbox Forum.

Session 8: The Results

SEO & Digital Marketing Results

In this session, you will learn how to track your results and read your reports. This is an important part of your system. Without knowing if the plan, the system, and the work is producing, you can waste money, resources, and time. You can also go the opposite direction, not spend ENOUGH money, resources, or time to achieve the goals that you desire.

Our Digital Marketing Plan

Our Digital Marketing Plan Service is designed to help you reach your business goals. Our team of experienced digital marketing consultants will work with you to create a tailored plan that will help you increase website traffic and conversions, improve your online presence, and grow your business. Schedule a Discovery Session to receive a 45-minute consultation with our digital marketing consultant and start taking your business to the next level.

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