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Content Marketing

Provide relevant, valuable and consistent content to attract and retain your target customers. 
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What is content marketing and why do you need a strategic content marketing plan? 

A solid WRITTEN content marketing plan is good for not only helping your target customers solve their issues, but also helps with building up your bottom line... good content converts. 

Without good content, marketing your company effectively is impossible. Without a solid content marketing strategy, your digital marketing efforts will be sporadic, expensive, and inconsistently successful. Content is the MOST important part of a solid digital marketing strategy. It is the foundation of ALL marketing. 

Your content needs to drive your customers from the street to the seat, then to the sale, and over again and again. Solid content builds solid relationships with your target customers and your current customers. Some customers will convert no matter what you do. Some will stay with you, for the most part, no matter how much content you write or the times you reach out to them, However, in our digital world, where content is king, you MUST provide a high level of content or you will not build the relationships that not only ATTRACT, but DELIGHT and ENGAGE them. 

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Our professional writers and consultants can help you create a content marketing strategy that will include a content marketing calendar and quarterly playbook to help you stay on point. 

Do you need help creating a content marketing strategy? Is your marketing efforts costing you more than you can afford and STILL not converting?   Contact us for a discovery meeting and let's see what we can do!

Deepening Your Knowledge

Delphis Creative has spent most of our 12 years in business deepening our understanding of content marketing. Some of our clients have been with us the whole time, some have been with us long enough to learn what they need to know to build their own internal content marketing teams. The work we have planned and the content we have written has converted more of their target customer leads into new customers. The bottom line is that the QUALITY of our work and the saturation of content in ALL aspects of our marketing strategies has worked. Here are some ways that content is used in digital marketing strategies: 

You will be ranked higher in the search engines when your content is considered "high quality". This is important because it increases ORGANIC growth and generates more organic traffic to your website, keeping your digital marketing costs lower and your conversion rates  higher. 

Content drives more traffic and that traffic needs nurturing to convert from targeted customer leads to new customers. With good content "dripping" on your leads you will have more sales and that means your ROI from PAID advertising is much higher. 

A good digital strategy will inlcude a content marketing calendar and written playbook. This will ensure that your digital marketing plan has a firm foundation of good content to stand on. Again, leading to more conversions with less marketing dollars. 

Using social media as a marketing strategy requires that you have a consistent and VALUE added content strategy. Having a solid content marketing plan will help you to maximize your reach on social media and target QUALIFIED leads. 

Our Content Marketing  Services 

We provide comprehensive and tailored Content Marketing Services to help you reach and engage your target audience. Our experienced team of professionals can assist you in developing a content strategy that will build brand awareness, drive leads, and increase conversions. Schedule a Discovery Session for a 60-minute consultation with one of our highly skilled marketing consultants to discuss your business goals and objectives.

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